For new owners:

1. Carefully review the welcome guidelines. These summarize the most important bylaws for the condominium association. Adhering to them will help to protect your and others' investment in the Casa Grande property.  

2. Condominium dues are paid on a monthly basis, based on percent ownership of the building. Click here to download a form for automatic debit withdrawal, and submit this with a voided check to Certain Property Management. We strongly recommend using automatic debit to avoid late fees (see Rules & Regulations).

3. If you change the locks, please provide an extra key to the condo association. In the event of overflowing water, fire, or accidental damage due to weather this will allow for immediate access in the event you are not at home. 

4. All air conditioning units should be inspected on an annual basis. Please see the List of Contractors for suggested references. An automatic shutoff valve may need to be installed, if it has not been done already.

5. Please email BOTH the building manager and board secretary with your and/or your tenant's contact information. Email is preferred, in addition to your best mailing address as well as home and cell phone numbers.

6. Intercom: If you would like us to program the lobby intercom so you can buzz in guests, please email the board secretary. Include the best contact phone number.